What Are You Drinking To?

I was walking with a friend on a cool Sunday evening.

We were exploring a shorter way to a close bank when we got to this street filled with drinking joints (bars) and restaurants.

Amazingly the whole bars (about 10) were filled with guys and ladies drinking, with loud music on the background.

Mind you; this wasn’t your typical urban street. This place was like a ghetto, and these guys were hustlers.

I was amused and found myself engaged, trying to count the number of bottles on each table as we walked past them.

I turned to my friend and asked, “What are they drinking to?

He held his held-up, look around, and said: “probably to poverty.

That was an epic response I didn’t expect, but it was true.

We work hard all through the week and end up spending most of it on drinks and clubbing on weekends.

You will find guys arguing on who can consume a higher number of bottles?

While I’m not trying to castigate or ask you to stop “enjoying,”

I am viewing this from the financial aspect.


The money we spend on these little things matters a lot. I think you should read these articles.

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  • The money you spend on little things matter

You can say those guys were enjoying themselves. Trying to forget their sorrows,

But how can wasting the money they worked so hard for, help them forget their sorrows?

From the way I see it, what they are doing is even digging themselves deeper into the “sorrow.”


Again, I’m not saying it’s wrong to drink. I am just looking at this from the financial aspect. – how overspending on booze affects your personal finance.


I do agree it is difficult to save.

However, it becomes even more difficult if you spend money on drinks every evening and weekend.

There is always a greater chance that a non-drinker would live more comfortably than someone who drinks heavily.

Most of these guys go broke before their next pay.


Let’s do the math.

A bottle of beer is usually sold at an average of N350, depending on the brand and the bar.

And since you want to prove to your friends that you are Agidigba and have a specific number you like to take, you consume 4 to 6 bottles.

That is N1400 naira for just a night. Not to mention other expenses like dried meat, Nkwobi, and cigarette for smokers.

So for example, if you go out every Sunday and you spend N1,400 every outing. That will be N5,600 (1400 x4) spent on alcohol for a month.

And if your salary is about N60,000, then you have spent almost 10% of it on just drinks.


Let’s also not rule out those times when honor would demand you order drinks for your friends or even everyone on the table.



Now, I ask you the question I had asked my friend, “What are you celebrating?”

  • Did you get a raise?
  • Did you win a contract or start a business?
  • Were you able to achieve your financial goals?
  • Did you get a better job?
  • Did you accomplish a milestone in life?

Someone can easily say they are celebrating life.

Of course, we celebrate life every day; however, spending on booze wouldn’t in any way improve our experience.

This is why you need to limit its intake and the amount you spend on it.



Here are some valuable tips for reducing the amount you spend on drinks

Go Out Less Often

Consider decreasing the number of times you go out to drink. Sundays can be boring, I agree. But look for other activities to keep you engaged.

Watch football, play chess, visit friends or just stay indoors and watch movies like some of us do.

Do something that wouldn’t require you to spend too much.


Reduce your drinking rate

It is difficult to turn down your friends or sweep aside the urge to go out, so you will most times find yourself at a crossroads.

However, when you go out to drink, be cautious of the number of bottles you take (the amount you will pay).

Reduce it to one or two at most, and refuse to buy for any other person.

Ensure you only go out with cash totaling the exact amount you wish to spend.


Consider Saving Up the Sum

The N5,600 which you usually use on drinks should be kept as part of your savings.

Saving N5,600 for ten months would be about N56,000, which you can use to achieve a goal.

I have made a list of investments you can make with N50,000 here.


Last Bullet:

Next time you want to go out to drink, ask yourself this question “what am I celebrating?”

If you can’t get a concrete answer, then you can either avoid going or limit the number of bottles you consume.

You need to realize that little expenses like these take a massive cut of your earnings and make it difficult for you to achieve your financial goals.

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