5 Best Saving App In Nigeria 2023

Best saving app in Nigeria. Do you ever feel you should have a part of your income saved up, but find it difficult to save? Then you are not alone. Saving is difficult, especially in a period of inflation. However, saving is inevitable. It is the only way to achieve your dream of financial freedom and attain your set goals.

Fortunately, the advent of saving apps has eased the struggle of saving. These apps allow you to save easily for whatever goal you want to achieve. Some also have an automated feature that sends money to your savings account when authorized. We have outlined the best saving app in Nigeria below.

Below are the 5 Best Saving App In Nigeria.

  • Alat by Wema
  • CowryWise
  • PiggyVest
  • F & K Savings
  • I-invest


Alat by Wema

Alat is Nigerians first digital bank designed to help you save money.  The app was introduced by Wema Bank and you are allocated a bank account number when you complete your signup. This means all your savings are directly held up by the bank.

You can start saving with as low as N500 and will be provided with a debit card if you request one (though I strongly advise against it, since you intend to save).

You will be able to withdraw your funds whenever you want and will receive up to 10% per annum on a saved fund.

The signup process is very simple, but you will be required to provide your BVN and upload a means of identity (voters card, national ID, International passport, etc) and utility bill (Electricity bill or house rent receipt).

You can sign up with our Referral Code NKDMMX to win N200 airtime (when you save up to N500).





Cowrywise is one of the best saving app in Nigeria that allows you to save little amounts of money. The app simplifies saving and enables you to develop the needed discipline to save part of your earnings. It has different saving plans tailored for different saving needs.

Cowrywise also has an investment feature that allows you to invest in Mutual funds. Your funds are safe as the company is duly registered with the CAC. The savings and investments are held by Meristem trustees, which are registered with the Security and exchange commission.

You will receive up to 15% interest on un-invested funds annually and can start saving as low as N100 with the app.

The app has particularly interesting which allows you to lock your savings for a period. So, even when you are tempted to withdraw, you won’t be able to access the fund. You can lock your savings for three months or as long as you want.

You can Sign up for Cowrywise through the link below, fill in your basic details. Then download the app and log in to start saving and investing. 



Our list of best saving app in Nigeria won’t be complete without PiggyVest. Saving with PiggyVest is like reliving the good old days when we saved with wooden boxes. PiggyVest allows you to start saving with as little as N1,000. It has various saving plans and an automated saving feature that automatically saves money from your account to meet your daily, weekly or monthly goals.

It also allows you to invest the saved funds in a number of ventures from agriculture, transportation, real estate, etc. You will receive between 10% -13% annually on saved funds and over 50% returns on investments. There is no deposit or monthly fees, and your funds are protected with the highest level of internet security.

Signing up and saving on PiggyBank is easy. You will only need your BVN, phone number, and other personal details. You can sign up with the link below and download the app to get started.


F & K Savings

F and K is a new entrant into the savings and investment setting, however, the app is quickly gaining popularity. The app is designed to help you fight the temptation to spend excessively, and save you the stress associated with saving.

You can easily set up a daily, weekly, or monthly investment plan in line with your goals; whether you want to buy a new car, pay your rent, or invest in a business.

F & K also offers investment opportunities that can see you earning over 20% interest annually or 5% quarterly. However, you need to save up to N50,000 to be able to save.

To sign up, you have to download the app. Search for F & K on Google play store, and download it. When signing up you can input our ID 344582 in the space for referral ID.



The I-invest app provides a convenient way to save and invest. It allows you to invest in financial instruments like treasury bills. You can also save on the app by funding your wallet. While I-invest is not a typical savings app, it gives you the leverage of diversifying your income.


There you have it; our list of the best saving app in Nigeria. While these apps help you save, the responsibility to save rests on you. You can set and authorize daily, weekly and monthly payments to ease your savings.

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