How To Make $10 Daily Doing Simple Tasks on Microworkers

Do you know you can get paid to do the simple things you do online, activities like carrying out a Google search, like a Facebook page signing up for a website, and others, amazing right?  Read on.

There are few websites where you can earn by doing these simple tasks; however, we will be looking at one that is widely used and very legitimate that has a perfect payment record over time.

These jobs are called micro jobs and the website we will be discussing today is called Microworkers.

Paul Goodman in his write-up “The Pros and Cons of Making Money with Microworkers” described it as a crowdsource site, where you undertake these basic tasks (known as “micro-jobs” in this case) such as liking someone’s Youtube video, writing a short article, or clicking on webpages, and in return you receive payment.

You may be wondering, who would pay you to like a Facebook page or a video, well the truth is that the internet is a mysterious world of its own and it only goes to substantiate the claim that for every activity online; someone somewhere earns.


Who can work on Microworkers?

This website is for everyone regardless of experience or skill, anyone who can operate a smartphone or pc has the basic knowledge of the internet can earn from this website.

Also unlike Freelancing sites, you don’t need to bid and win a job or show your skill beforehand to be eligible. All available jobs are posted on your dashboard with descriptions and you get to choose the one that you can complete, you can also begin earning the moment you sign up.

To work successfully on Microworkers, the following should be in place

  1. Pc or smartphone
  2. Internet connection

Also important are:

  1. An email account
  2. Social media accounts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pin interest
  • Skype
  • Google+
  • Yahoo accounts Etc.


Available Jobs on Microworkers

Microworkers offers a wide range of jobs which includes:

  • Signing up for websites
  • Liking Facebook pages and joining groups
  • Searching for websites on google and visiting them.
  • Writing short reviews about products and websites/blogs
  • Google plus like, Twitter, Instagram follows
  • Watching & subscribing to Youtube videos.

And many more: check it out yourself.

How to Join Microworkers

Joining Microworkers is very simple; it’s just like signing up with any other website.

Click here to Register for free

However, note that you should fill in your real information. Your mailing address should be genuine as they would have to mail you your withdrawal pin.

Note: Microworkers now allow online KYCverification with an ID card (driver’s license, international passport) instead of a pin.

Multiple Accounts

Microworkers do not allow multiple accounts; you should not even try changing proxies as it will result in an immediate ban.


in the first 60 days, you will not be able to accept jobs if your success rate drops below 75%, so it is important to accept jobs that you can complete, though your success rate will still be low when your “finished tasks” have not been rated.

Note: After accepting a job, a form will be presented where you would input the evidence that you completed the task. Payment varies on different tasks but they pay between $0.05 -$3 for each task. And you can undertake as many as possible, provided your success rate is above 75.

Earnings can be withdrawn when a member earns up to the minimum payout rate of $10.

Earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or check.

Click here to register for Payoneer free.


Have you earned from Microworkers? Would you like to start earning, we will like to hear from you. Please use the comment boxes below to ask questions or make suggestions.

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