Easy Steps To Register For BVN And NIN

How to get your BVN and NIN. Nigeria has one of the banking systems in the world and the addition of the BVN and NIN just made it better. The Bankers verification number And National identification number (BVN and NIN) are security measures put in place to harmonize the banking and the identify structures of the country.

The BVN is aimed at tracking banking transactions, bankers’ profiles and stopping the multiplicity of bank accounts. Its implementation has gone a long way in helping fight financial crimes and corruption.

The NIN on the other hand aims to give each Nigerian a digital identity. It’s issued by the national identity management commission (NIMC) to aim to build an efficient citizenship Database.

Why Register for BVN And NIN?

 You can’t own a Nigerian bank account without a BVN. The Buhari-led FG got an interim court judgment that ordered the restriction of accounts without BVN. Similarly, it may be soon illegal to own a sim card (phone number) without a NIN.


How To Register for BVN

  1. Visit any bank branch in Nigeria with an authorized ID card and fill out a form.
  2. After you fill out the form, they will take your biometrics (fingerprints and picture).
  3. You’ll receive your BVN via the registered phone number within a couple of days.


How To Register For BVN Abroad – US, UK, UAE, SA, Etc.

Nigerians living in the U.S, UK, and other foreign countries can register for the BVN through the diaspora enrollment portals.

Enrollment Requirements

  •  Valid ID (International Passport OR Driver’s License).
  •  Passport Photograph.
  •  Enrolment fee or proof of enrolment fee payment.

Steps To Enroll For BVN Abroad

  1. Log in to the VFS Global or Online Integrated Solutions (OIS) websites.
  2.  Choose a location.
  3.  Activate the BVN ENROLMENT TAB by clicking on it.
  4.  Read the BVN Enrollment Instructions carefully.
  5.  Download the enrollment form.
  6.  Schedule a Biometric Capturing Appointment with BVN.
  7.  Make a copy of the Appointment Booking Slip.
  8. On the Appointed Date, bring the Enrolment Requirement to the BVN Enrolment Center.

Click here to learn more.

How Can I Recover My BVN number?

If you lost your BVN number, you can easily recover it by dialing *565*0# on your mobile phone. This may cost you N10. Ensure it’s the sim card you used for the registration.

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What is the NIN?

The National Identification Number (NIN) comprises 11 random numbers assigned to each person enrolled in the National Identity Database (NIDB). When a NIN is allocated to an individual, it can never be reassigned, or used by someone else.

The NIN ties all your information in a database and can be used to do a character check. All residents of Nigeria, from age zero (birth) or, more are qualified to register for a NIN.


How to Register for NIN

  1. Visit the NIMC site to get to the Pre-Enrolment Portal: NIMC Pre-enrollment and the web-based Enrolment Form.
  2. Complete the Enrolment Form on the web.
  3. Print out an outline sheet with a 2D Barcode, and head to any NIMC Enrolment Center. You can do this at the enrollment center instead.
    Note: You’ll need supporting documents with your photograph to complete the enrollment. It can be a government-issued identification Card, Voters Card, International Passport, etc.
  4. Check and affirm the enrolment information on the internet.
  5. Your photograph and fingerprints would be captured at the enrollment center.
  6. Once your application is approved, you’ll be issued two slips: a transaction Slip and a NIN Slip.


 Uses of BVN and NIN in Nigeria

 The BVN and NIN) are unique numbers that distinguish you as a citizen or resident of the country. Their uses include. 

  • To Get your National e-ID card.
  • Travel (worldwide visa application and procurement).
  • Opening individual financial balances.
  • SIM Card Registration and Linking.
  • To get a driver’s license.
  • To access the Insurance Scheme.
  • To gain admittance to government assistance and other important administrations. 


If you’re reading this you probably already have a BVN and NIN. If you haven’t, ensure you enroll for them as soon as you can to enjoy their benefits.

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