Tinubu’s Presidency Won’t Improve Nigeria

While campaign has started officially, the Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s camp are already promising so much, touting him as the best candidate.

But I disagree. A Tinubu’s presidency wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t even make things worse.
I will tell you why.

1. Buhari is using Tinubu’s economic blueprint.
The same people who are telling us that Tinubu will change things were once all over the place boasting about how the blueprint the current administration is implementing is from Tinubu.

If that is true as they claim, we can say the economic hardship Nigerians face today is thanks to Tinubu’s inept blueprint, which he will likely work with if elected.

2. The same set of people will make up a Tinubu’s government.
The same set of people who are currently in government today will make a bulk of the Tinubu team from ministers to other agencies.

Fashola, Elrufai (convicted for corruption as FCT minister), Ganduje, and other governors will be compensated with ministerial positions, regardless of their competence.
So in other words, it will be the same same.

3. Lack political will
One thing everyone know, including those who keep living in denial is that Tinubu controls Lagos state. From the governor to the state House of assembly.

The Lagos state House of assembly is one of the most corrupt in the country. There have been cases of misappropriation, which aren’t even denied.
From the speaker using state money to fund trips and earmarking outrageous amounts for non existent projects.

The Lagos state government, just like the once in Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, are build around the chop I chop principle. Everyone is trying to get their share with no care for the populace.

This is already what’s happening with the Buhari administration and will only get worse should Tinubu win.

4. Tinubu’s I’ll health
Most people that argue for Buhari wil tell you that he’s a good man. That it’s those around him that are taking advantage of him and stealing money.

What this means is that the Next Nigerian president should be someone in the rights state of mind that can read any document before signing them.
Anyone who watched the APC convention will notice how Tinubu struggled to hold and read few sheets of paper.

Now imagine him reviewing a 50 pages document (f course he can delegate to staffs). But isn’t delegation the reasons Buhari’s accountant general was able to steal 80 billion naira?

Voting for a Tinubu’s presidency is voting for things to remain the same and ultimately get worse.

We need a leader that can face the cabals in Abuja, in the NNPC, electricity sector and Tinubu unfortunately doesn’t have what it takes.

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