Peter Obi vs. Atiku’s Approach To Fixing Nigeria’s Electricity Challenges.

The presidential aspirant of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and that of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, both gave interviews on Arise TV and Channels TV, respectively. 

Their responses to these interviews have sparked much debate across the country, especially their suggested approach to fixing the country’s electricity challenges.

Our political commentator, Victor Joshua, analyses their respective answers on how they will fill the power sector.

Atiku’s approach: expanding dams and generating electricity with coal

Atiku is telling us the same thing we all read on paper about how electricity could be produced with coal and dams in those days.

But is it practical?

Firstly, why would Nigeria use coal when we have enough gas and are supplying gas to other countries to generate electricity?

Also, Atiku hasn’t done the work to know whether the dams can be worked on or if our coal infrastructure still exists.

His answer to the classic “what we will do.” The question is, how would you do it?

  • Who would work on those dams?
  • Where and how would you get coals?
  • Is there anyone still mining coal in Nigeria?
  • How much will it cost to do those things?
  • Who and how would it be financed?
  • How many MWs of electricity can that effort generate?

As we’ve seen with successive governments. The problem isn’t promising of sounding posh. The problem is laying the groundwork, and all Atiku has is glossy paper without any groundwork.


Peter Obi’s Approach: Building power plants

Obi went to Egypt to see people who could generate 25000 kW of electricity in 4 years. He met all parties involved, including the financiers.

So it’s about bringing those people down here to replicate what they did in Egypt.

Obi answered all the questions Atiku’s plans didn’t answer.

  • He talked about generating at least 15,000mw.
  • He met with the companies and engineers that would build the plants.
  • He met with government officials that run the plants: which we can easily copy.
  • He met the financiers. So we can get the money to fund these plants.


While we hope that these two and even other presidential candidates will explain more about their plans, the Peter Obi plan sounds more realistic at the moment.

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